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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bible/Book Covers (easy directions!)

My kids got home from church camp this summer with great memories, and beat up Bibles...  We HAD to solve that problem, so after scavenging through my craft supplies, we came up with this easy idea.  This easy project is something my kids could have easily done themselves, but for the sake of time I did it for them.  

Supplies needed are:
1 sheet of plastic canvas (color doesn't matter, it'll be covered)
2 sheets of felt
coordinating yarn
yarn needle
ribbon or extra felt for closure
snaps or velcro for closure

1. lay your book out on top of the felt to make sure the size is right.  Luckily, mine was a perfect fit without cutting, but depending on yours you may need to trim the felt. 

2. decide which piece of felt you want on the inside and outside.  On the inside piece, make 2 slits vertically on either side of the center, being careful not to cut through either edge.  These will make the pockets to slip your book into.

3. trim your plastic canvas to the same size as the felt.  Make slices down either side of the center, leaving a little bit still connected at the top and bottom.  This will allow the cover to close all the way while still giving it stability.  Again, estimate the distance from the center based on the size of your spine.

4. stack felt, plastic canvas, other felt neatly, and whip stitch around the edge, going through the canvas on each stitch.  

5. slip the covers of your book into the slits in the inside felt and close.  You can stop here if you want, but I wanted a closure on mine. 

6. cut a piece of ribbon or felt and attach it to the back center of the cover.  I used a glue gun for the pink one with ribbon, but stitched an extra piece of felt on the green one.  
7. follow the directions on the snaps to install each piece.  Really this was easy, and kind of fun getting to whack something with a hammer :)  You could easily sew or glue a piece of velcro on it also, I just wanted to mess with the snaps. 
8. Congratulations, you are done!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Can We Have It All Together?

The other day I was browsing a magazine when an article caught my eye.  The topic was the age old question of "can working moms have it all together?" and so I got to thinking about my life.  Dangerous, I know!  As a working mom, how well am I balancing my job and my family?  What is my definition of having it all together?  I like to think I handle it well, my OCD constant list making keep me more or less sane.  I try to keep my kids, husband and home a priority, teaching lessons several evenings a week and rehearsing twice a week with my band.  Often, I multitask and bring a child (or 4) with me to rehearsals.  In addition to being a good listening experience, and teaching them how a band works, it also provides a great opportunity for them to sit still without mom or dad within reach.  They are not always perfect, and sometimes my 3 year old, the Beast, likes to rush onstage and scare the vocalist right in the middle of a song.  Each time this happens I can see my sound guy in the booth bordering on a panic attack as I holler at her to get down mid-chord.  For the most part though, the kids are really well behaved.  The price we pay for all this usually winds up as a funny story or memory.

One particular Sunday morning, I brought my oldest daughter, 8 with me, who likes to come listen whenever she can.  She didn't mention feeling sick...  We were in a run through after the sound check, before the congregation came in for church.  Right in the middle of the song, I Will Rise, my daughter projectile vomited exorcist-style in the front row.  Everyone laughed at the irony, but felt bad for her.  Thankfully my drummer helped me clean it up, everyone else said they don't do puke.  Thanks guys!  (In their defense they are all older than me and have probably dealt with their fair share of puke already).  With minutes to spare I texted my husband to come pick her up.  

So yes, we can have it all as working mothers and musicians, but there is definitely a price. Thankfully our church is not carpeted!  My goals are constantly being redefined, but are mainly to get through the tasks while taking time to enjoy the journey, learning from everything and creating something cool in the process.  Even if it means juggling kids, rehearsals, and a million other items.  Making sure everyone comes out unscathed and in one piece at the end of the day is good too :)